How does it Work?

Every cell in the body acts as a hologram. It stores every thought and memory, which is sent from the subtle bodies within; out to every area of the physical body including each cell which is able to holographically reproduce these memories. Trauma becomes locked in the cells of the body from events, thoughts and emotions. Until it is cleared, we are continually affected today and in the future by repeated patterns which have a detrimental impact on us.


Whilst the work of other therapies may be important, many reach a point where they cannot continue and therefore fail. HK goes beyond this limit to achieve a successful outcome by accessing and clearing problems at their original cause.

HK is not reliant on beliefs for its success. Quite the contrary, it is headspace that interferes with sessions. As a practitioner, we work non-invasively with the life force, or spirit of the client. This is the all-knowing, all-powerful and ever present part of the person. The aspect that knows exactly where the cause to effects was first set up. It is responsible for clearing the trauma and recreating events in order to eliminate patterns and behaviours. Through acknowledging how these cycles were set up and clearing them, this ensures a free and more empowered future for the client.