debunking the new age myths

These two articles blow the whistle on new age healing and pop the bubble of illusion that keeps people under the spell of deity worship. It is especially helpful for those who adhere to new age healing and yoga practitioners. I myself am a yoga instructor. I found it especially challenging during my training to see how people who come to learn and gather deeper self-understanding are instead fed a lot of mind infiltration leading to entrapment by inter dimensional interference. This occurs by invoking entities through mantras or kundalini yoga.

In yoga and outside of yoga there are a lot of practitioners of new age healing such as reiki. I myself was involved in reiki. So I understand the genuine interest in helping others to heal themselves. What practitioners don’t realise is, is that the whole new age healing movement is crawling with interference that appears in any way we would like them to. They can disguise themselves as angels or ascended masters so that they can gain access to our vehicles. When an ‘attunement’ takes place we are really giving permission for the inter dimensional to enter. That nice buzzy feeling isn’t ‘universal energy.’  Its a lovely winged serpent who has found a new home. Take back your power, break all agreements with these entities. Your spirit is more powerful and knowledgeable than what these creatures appear to be. We have been programmed since childhood to believe that we are powerless. That we must look outside of ourselves for guidance, what to believe and what to think. This is why we so easily give our power away to the new age modalities and gurus. We know there is deeper meaning to what we see around us. We are evolving. The new age movement sells us a lot of truth with that 10 percent of mistruth to suck us in to various games.

Be discerning,take responsibility for your reality and wake up out of this spell.

this article gives a gruesome account of rituals still taking place today to feed the ‘deity’ kali.

The dangers of ayahuasca

This article is especially poignant for those considering taking ayahuasca. This drug is very dangerous. There are two things to keep in mind here. When you take drugs such as these hallucinogenic plants, you open wormholes to other dimensions. Lore states ‘he who enters the game of another is governed by those laws’. What this means is that by taking drugs, a person is willingly entering the dimension of that entity. So not only are they trapped in that game, but they are also giving permission for the entity to take over their game and to enter their dimension too. In Steve Richards’ experience, people who have taken this drug are the hardest to work on as their neurons have been destroyed and thus the connection between their spirit and their consciousness.. Another aspect to be aware of is that there are many types of shamans. Most articles on ayuahasca point to the fact that either there are a lot of charlatans out there who take advantage of travellers attempting to have an ‘enlightening’ experience, or there are shamans who neglect the drug takers or just control the entering and departing of negative spirits. One needs discernment about who they give their power to, be it a shaman or a drug. Greg Calise puts it well with this quote from his article: “Grace is within you. Grace is your Self. Grace is not something to be acquired from others. If it is external, it is useless. All that is necessary is to know its existence is in you. You are never out of its operation.” -Ramana Maharshi