session information

A client’s intention is the major factor in the effectiveness of a session. If they are done with their current situation and are determined to make changes then they are on the right path for HK.

This is an active participatory process whereby we go to the original cause of the the effect and clear it so that the client is no longer stuck in that dimension of time and can step into a higher octave of evolution for themselves. Through witnessing the self-creation of an effect and actively deciding to release it, they therefore create a new reality for themselves. As a result only one session should be needed to clear the specific cause.


How the process works

The client will bring a list of 3 or more issues that are affecting them right now. I work on a massage table where the client is fully clothed and awake, there is no hypnosis. I begin the session by communicating with the client’s Spirit on the arm (kinetic energy testing) and then will hold certain(non-invasive) points on the body. The client will speak to me throughout the session as we are clearing the effects. The original cause could either be in the spirit’s time line or the genetic line. They will then go directly to the cause of their issue and relive it very briefly prior to clearing it.

Once the session is over, the client goes through a two day ‘defrag’ process whereby the cells clear out the old programs and effects, and free-flowing kinetic energy returns to the body. It is recommended that the client avoids all forms of medication during this time and assists the body in flushing itself out by drinking a lot of water. Sometimes other dimensions could be triggered during the defrag process (clearing post-session), but the key here is to stay neutral and observe what is taking place.

In terms of inter-dimensional interference. The session always takes the same format where we go the cause of the effect and then clear the priority inter-dimensional interference that is affecting the running of your body. Watch your thoughts during this time, as they will not want to let go of control over your body. Always be aware of who is thinking the thoughts-is it you or something else? The more you take control over your body the less control they will have over you.

I charge R1500 for a session which lasts for about an hour and generally addresses three to four major effects.