Holographic kinetics is a type of therapy that I have never experienced before. It really changed my awareness and heightened my level of consciousness. During the HK session I felt a strong connection to my spirit, allowing its energy to flow freely through me, giving me the answers needed to heal my body and mind. At the time I struggled with serious digestive issues and with Vicky´s careful guidance I received the answers needed to start heal my physical body. Today I am happier and healthier than ever before! ~ Stiina, Norway

I had my first HK session a week ago and it was an amazing experience. Since then I feel more balanced and the certain problem areas I wanted to focus on are not as prominent as they use to be. Some days they don’t even cross my mind. One example is that For the past 2 years I have been taking sleep aids to help me fall asleep at night. Many a time I tried to not take them and fall asleep naturally. But I couldn’t. After HK I have fallen asleep naturally every night. With no stress or struggle at all. I no longer need them at all. What gives me the most peace of mind is that I have not only focused on healing myself but my family as well. ~ Dagny, Johannesburg, South Africa

I experienced many subtle benefits from HK therapy, this is my personal experience. At the beginning of the first session we had, Vicky asked me to write down problems/issues that I was continually going through, that were affecting my sense of contentment/happiness on a daily basis. I thought it would be one or two, but found myself writing a full page of some 15 ongoing ‘things’ that were constantly causing me ongoing endless anxiety & subconscious worry…keeping me from true bliss & new experiences. Vicky took the page from me and asked spirit to go through the list & prioritise. Whilst working with me, as we travelled through time, going back to where the beginning of the malady had manifested, talking it through, I felt enormous relief when the blockage was blown off my present timeline. Vicky worked on several issues, one at a time, & found my life becoming more balanced & joyful, & my confidence levels high where they had been ebbing & full of self doubt! I certainly believe this therapy to be hugely beneficial – & highly recommend it. The wonderful thing about it is that you are getting to the ‘core truth’ of the problem, instead of going round & round remembering experiences & continuously talking about them with a ‘conventional’ psychologist or other, fully igniting the charge it carries, without being able to blow it off & get rid of it! I do wish you true fulfilment in this life going forward – you will never look back! ~ Natasha, Benoni, South Africa

My HK session with Vicky was powerful but gentle. I felt totally safe in her hands. HK seems to have the rare ability to go straight to the root source of a problem and the unique ability to clear it at a deep level. I felt very connected to my higher self during the session and I’m excited to see how shifts in my thinking are still occurring every day. It’s like a new perspective has opened up – and the power to take responsibility for me. ~ Clea, Cape Town, South Africa

My experience with Holographic Kinetics… it’s so unlike anything I’ve experienced before or since, it’s hard to describe. And I must admit I can’t say I fully understand it… yet. But what I can say is that it is has the potential for a powerful transformation. In my second session with Vicky, which was maybe 5 minutes long, I eliminated an addiction to both tea and coffee. This has been lifelong, and I’d never managed to properly break it before, but with Vicky’s help, it was just gone, like a dandelion in the breeze. Amazing stuff. Vicky is a really passionate and caring practitioner and I’m really pleased to be able to recommend her. ~ Patrick, London, UK