anaesthetics leave the body open for possession

This video is a perfect illustration of a disembodied spirit of a gangster that hopped into this boy while he was under anaesthetic. Steve explains that when a person takes drugs they open wormholes to other dimensions. As a result the interference from those dimensions have the right to enter the person’s body. Hence when you see people on drugs or severely drunk, they act unusually. In cases like this spirits can still hop into bodies, along with other inter dimensional interference.

Anaesthesia, on the other hand leaves the body vulnerable as vacant possession for any spirits lurking about. Plenty of those in hospitals!


time to wake up

Lisa M Harrison gives a great depiction of today’s media manipulation. She brings a voice to those who are awake and aware of what is happening in the background on our planet. Moreover, she is instigating an alternative media. I am personally tired of the garbage being spawn at us on the news. Bad crisis actors fulfilling an agenda for a corrupt government. The more we seek the truth as to what is really happening in the world around us the more we can empower ourselves. If we go along with what is being force-fed to us; then we are consenting to what happens next. It is up to all of us to educate ourselves. Even if it means being ridiculed, take a stand and take responsibility for your reality.

Another prime example of the media treating the public like outright idiots is with this video. It explains the Boston bombing hoax and shows you a piece by piece breakdown of the crisis actors and the entire sham of the scenario.

Most of the public are already aware of the badly manufactured 911 story-this interview with Rebekkah Roth is one of the finest researched investigations from someone with firsthand airline experience; as she was herself a flight stewardess.

Is breatharianism where we are headed as a species?

This interview with Sunfire Jericho; a breatharian, illustrates his own process of overcoming the fear of death associated with no longer eating food and points to a most empowering prospect for humans: disengaging from all control systems. He elucidates how he is no longer dependant on anything outside of himself for his own survival. He has a strong connection with his own spirit and the sun and earth around him. A great example of how we too can eventually unplug from the matrix!

About Lore

‘LORE is knowledge of the universe and when that knowledge is applied it unfolds like the petals of a flower awakening from its night sleep within its daily cycle of time, it consists of a system of laws and wave formation known as cycles, to stay in balance, swinging like a pendulum but always seeking balance as that lies between the two opposing forces, within all created realities, action and re-action, cause and effect.’ Steve Richards

Lore is unlike laws set up by government with man-made agreements. Lore is universal law maintaining balance at all times. Through properly understanding these laws we will no longer be trapped in the games of others and remain completely in charge of our own realities.

Here is an explanation of a few of these laws: cause and effect. Whatever a person creates will return to them. This could be a thought or a deed. There are consequences to all actions in the universe. This could in a sense be seen as karma, however it is not a form of punishment or penitence for sins. Rather the universe without judgement brings back the balance to creation. When a person takes responsibility for their creations and acknowledges that they set their reality up for themselves, they no longer need to remain trapped in that particular cycle or dimension.

Another poignant Lore is ‘he who enters the game of another is governed by those laws.’

This is a powerful Lore to understand as we have all been trapped within games for millennia without awareness of how or why. A perfect example of this is when we take drugs. A person agreeingly enters the game of that drug. They no longer have power over themselves as they have given their power over to that entity. That entity then has the freedom to enter into that person’s dimension and, if it gets fed; to take over the vehicle of the person.

There is more comprehensive information about Lore on Steve Richards’ site and I urge you to follow this link to gain more insight on this powerful understanding.!lore/cjv4