about giving away your power

A friend of mine just sent me a message saying that she had a wonderful HK session and she was feeling light, happy and free….all was going fantastically well until she prayed and handed over all of her power over to an outside entity to do the healing. Straight away she lost all of her energy and felt trapped.

It is very important to realise that all manner of interference is very smart. They want you to hand over your power and have entrained us to do so for a very long time. This may be painful to realise, as it was for me. It was an automatic program to look outside of myself for help. Spirit works from the inside out and programs work from the outside in.
These enter the body from the outside and become soul programs. Soul is not spirit. Spirit is connected to the heart and is eternal.
The difference between spirit and soul:

Spirit can be traumatized when people are manipulated into agreeing to various forms of entrapment through prayer and other social rituals. When a person does this, they open up their field, which disempowers their own spirit.

Since they have entered the game of another, this automatically gives others power over their reality. Other beings than have access to the vehicle for the future cycles of time and the person is no longer in full control over their body.

The key here is to stay in control of your game, trusting that your spirit knows what it is doing if you allow it to! Her spirit was doing all the healing perfectly up until that point.
When you pray you become prey. Take back your power and manifest your own reality as a free spirit no longer trapped in the games of others.