About Vicky

I came into HK as a reiki master with training in shamanism and a host of other new age courses. Throughout my teens I had an earnest craving for deeper knowledge about the nature of reality and our role within it. In my personal life I was exposed to suicides and drug addiction from close family members and concluded that I wanted in some way to understand and to assist in alleviating the misery in those around me.

When a close friend, who was severely depressed, came to me after having a HK session I could immediately feel the shift in her energy. She was buzzing with life. Not only that, but her mother had transformed at the same time that she had had her session. This is because HK can also clear the genetic line. All of this from one session? I knew straight away that this was something I had to learn. All that I had understood about the nature of reality and ‘healing’ took a 360 degree turn after my training seminar in 2013. I slowly began to understand Lore as I began to reclaim my power. What I hadn’t realised before was that through my previous attunements in reiki and the like, I was actually becoming ‘entrapped’ within the games of inter dimensional manipulators that provided no real healing, rather it was nothing more than an ego stroking.

My journey since the training has shifted gears to a higher octave of understanding and certainly a more challenging experience. However, I can say I am completely in control of my game and I have witnessed how powerful my spirit truly is. With this comes freedom. I am no longer trapped in the dimensions of my past and I am free to create a reality of my choosing with the full co-operation of my spirit. I also understand that each individual is responsible for the creation of their own reality. It is not up to me to ‘fix’ anybody. I can assist clients in tracing back the causes to their effects and it is up to them to acknowledge their creations and shift them.

The results I have witnessed with my own work in this field have filled me with optimism. To see people empower themselves and reconnect with their spirit while acknowledging and clearing old patterns is something my previous self could not envision. I have found my life’s work in this remarkable modality and am grateful to Steve Richards and his ancestors for bringing this ancient knowledge back to humanity at this much needed time in our evolution.

Statement of Intent

My intention for this webpage is to empower and reconnect people to their own spirit. The  content is for information only. I may not agree with all opinions of the contributors to this page. This website is an independent entity and as it is created by me there is no permission for interference granted. No negative intentions are permitted to affect me or anybody with any ties to myself on all levels and all dimensions of time.This information may not be used to harm or deceive on all levels and all dimensions.

~ Vicky Joystar Barratt



Dreamtime Healing using Holographic Kinetics, Modules 1, 2, 3 & 4
Reiki Master
PGCE Certificate in Education
BA, Hons in Drama Education
Chef’s Diploma
Yoga Instructor
Advanced Diver
Safety, First Aid and Firefighting Training