The Quantum explanation of Holographic Kinetics

This is quote from Steve Richards explaining the process of a session at a quantum level. It is quite technical. When thoughts are trapped in the body they become crystalised and these crystals are dimensions of time that re-activate themselves During a session, the crystals of the specific dimension of effect heat up and the moment of the cause of the effect is relived. When this occurs, the body cools down as the energy has been released.

“With HOLOGRAPHIC KINETICS man’s effects, which are locked within crystals within the body can be accessed. As the spirit of man is sent into internal hyperspace–back to relive the cause of that effect–to where light is bought back from its “slowed down” rotating speed of creating solidity to its harmonic rotating speed of nine tenths of the speed of light relived. Then further steps in the rotational speed are taken where upon the effect simply disappears out of this reality altogether.

Heat areas in the body is physical matter–of crystallized light–being released by transmuting its crystal formation, as potential energy back to its creation, through into the invisible world as ether.
Cold areas in the body is ether from the invisible world, transmuting through into crystallized light as potential energy into the physical world as matter.

The universe and all within is in a constant state of motion, inhaling and exhaling. Any apparent reaction in the created universe of mind, returns unto itself, back to its own exact point of its creation, to another known effect called time.
Crystals are light entrapped as potential energy within a gravitational universe.” Steve Richards

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