The difference between Spirit and Soul

With Special Thanks to Lisa Marie and Steve Richards. This is a quote directly from them explaining the difference in a succinct way. I have also attached a snippet of Steve’s giving an explanation thanks to Anamarija K. Mashalin for that!
‘SPIRIT is omniscient, omnipotent & omnipresent ,universal ,eternal , immortal and infinite , it is a fractal of the hologram (Universal energy) which is just a smaller fractal of the next fractal above , which is even bigger than our human minds can comprehend , but SPIRIT is fully aware SPIRIT is perfection, it never lies . SPIRIT comes in at the moment of conception, it is linked to the heart , the spark of life, it chooses the vehicle it needs to learn the lesson and rebalance the imbalances of dimensions created by you through time . E.g if you were violent to your children in a past life , you will be born to parents who are violent to you , to experience your own creation and learn the lesson .
The soul is the genetic line down through time , what comes down through time into you are all the generations in your cells , the day you are born the soul has all the memories & program’s of the ancestors through time , the soul is so easy to program , to understand this more the universe has an equal opposite to everything , we have a left , a right, a forward , a back , we have an internal world to external world (SPIRIT) and an external world to internal ( soul) the soul is the external programs you take on from the parents, school , church, society, the programs become locked into our cells and start reproducing themselves , most people are running on the programs of the soul . SPIRIT is the internal world to the external world , SPIRIT is here to rearrange the universe for your reality according to the programs your choosing to hold on to,.. that you took on through your free will choice, SPIRIT and only SPIRT knows how , when , where and why anything was ever created , it’s only through the integration of you and your SPIRIT that you can make changes , SPIRIT and only SPIRIT can change those moments in time in the invisible to the visible , when we start to acknowledge and work with SPIRIT, and come from a knowingness that we are SPIRIT and powerful, that we are the creator of our universe , our reality , that nothing can affect us unless we choose to take it on , it is our thoughts and words that give it action , but we must be responsible for our thought , word , deeds and action , as no man / woman can escape the cycles of time .
SPIRIT is the one who takes on the vehicle , the soul is in the cells and when the vehicle is dead the soul memories are still there , and SPIRIT has access to all of those programs etc because it was the driver of the vehicle . The soul doesn’t await conception SPIRIT is the one travelling through time and space , Steve said SPIRIT is in a parallel dimension between lifetimes not a physical dimension in HK we are only concerned with the lifetimes and dimensions of time and program’s created in this dimension through the lifetimes in this physical molecular , mortal world .
SPIRIT can change the soul, but the soul can’t change SPIRIT.’

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