a new article that debunks reiki myths

This article may be very direct, but it as an amusing look at a psychic woman’s insightful perspective on reiki. As I myself was a reiki master I fell into the very same trap of believing that reiki was the B-all and end-all of healing. That allowing’ the light’ in was great. The issue is that light is like an electric wire. It allows information to flow through it. So a person needs to be specific about what information and more importantly what entities they are letting in. Those lovely angels or ascended masters are really disguised inter dimensional beings that want to access to your vehicle. When you have an attunement and open yourself up to those frequencies you are giving permission for any Tom Dick or Harry from the inter dimensional realm to take over your vehicle. They will gain access by any means possible. They will tell you amazing things about yourself, they will make you feel buzzy and high and keep you floating on the clouds so that you in fact remain disconnected from the earth.  You may think your third eye is being opened, because you gain a smudging more insight than you had before, but what’s really happening is your ego is being stroked and your third eye is being firmly closed. When I cleared the reiki interference from my system (and they were big, nasty beings let me assure you) it was like I was thrown smack bang back onto the earth. I literally had been floating on a new age peace and love cloud.   I had believed that this was reality. This hazy fog of buzzy love. The mushy hug-fest felt good and the more buzzy I was, the lighter I thought I was getting. Really that buzz was the interdimensional creatures. They had wings too-and I thought I was sprouting angel wings! No my friend, these wings were a winged serpent slowly taking over my vehicle. The scary part is, if I hadn’t learnt this modality and seen for myself what was actually living inside of me I would never have given this up. I can empathise where reiki people are at, because I was there! It consisted of my entire world-view. If I had read this article then I would have said this person is just a hater. Those foggy dragon claws would be so firmly clasped over my 3rd eye, I would not have an inkling of doubt in my mind that reiki is the tool to heal mankind. But now I realise its a giant trap to keep people with really good intentions trapped in the games of interdimensionals who may be smart, but aren’t evolved enough to have their own body. I want to warn reiki clients and practitioners that although it may feel nice, it is merely a distraction from what is really going on around you. Its time to wake up and take responsibility for you life and your spirit. You aren’t going to clear any karma through reiki, rather you’ll just add more rubbish to your collection. Only you and the wisdom of your spirit inside of you can heal and empower you. Giving your power away to anything outside of yourself  just keeps you trapped in more games and another step further away from the freedom which your spirit craves. Listen to you intuition and trust in yourself! You are your only hope.     http://www.lipstickmystic.com/a-healing-crisis-equals-massive-psychic-attack-you-reiki-idiots/

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