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Enki and Enlil

I am slowly piecing together information about our human history on this planet. This post provides some great links to fascinating articles about the planet Niburu, and brothers Enki and Enlil. It explains how many humans were genetically engineered to be slaves to the ‘gods’. The gods were really interplanetary beings who appeared to be more powerful to us for many reasons. The main reason being that they seemed to be immortal. this was only because 1 year on their planet is equivalent to 300 years on our own, so they could live for a very long time here. Like any species they needed to be fed to survive. Their food of choice was blood and ritual sacrifice which still goes on today in many cultures. What we saw as ‘heaven’ where the gods lived is really a twelfth planet that is not our galaxy, called planet x or Nibiru.


This link to an interview with Credo Mutwa is mainly a debunking of misinterpretations. But there is also some very good information interspersed within the interview, which describes Africans as the Sumerian and Egyptian ancestors. He links it up with Enki and Enlil and the space invaders.

This article explains in more detail the story of Enki and Enkil , the annunaki and our human history. It is not altogether accurate,but in parts it clarifies many biblical mysteries. Be wary of any time it tries to make snakes,reptiles and enki into a benevolent being or that beings of light are going to rescue us. Skim over those sections and enjoy the 90 percent of decent information dispersed with 10 percent of mistruths designed to suck you in.

The following article elaborates on who the annunaki are and their agenda on the planet, especially today. It also refers to reptilians who have plagued humankind for a very long time.

This article provides a modern day perspective of the age old threat. They took out the people of the planet during the time of Sodom and Gomorrah and they are planning it again with Cern. finally this excerpt from an article that I google translated from Spanish (so I apologise for its poor English) explains how Sodom and Gomorrah was wiped out by nuclear destruction. I provide a link to the Spanish article too.


lot's wife 1 The Doomsday came in the twentieth year quarter when Abraham, who was encamped near Hebron, was 99 years old. “And the Lord appeared to him in turpentine grove of Mamre, as he sat at the entrance of the store, the heat of the day. And he raised the eyes and looked, and behold-three men stood before him; and as soon as he saw them, he ran from the entrance of the store toward them, and fell to earth. ” Nimbly from the typical scene potentate Middle East resting in the shade of his tent, the biblical narrator makes Genesis 18 Abraham looked up and dip, also immerses the reader-in a sudden encounter with the divine beings. Although Abraham was in the tent door, he saw the three approaching: suddenly, were “standing before him.” And, although they were “men”, he acknowledged his true identity immediately and bowed down to them, calling them “my lords” and asking them not to “come over long about your servant” without giving you the chance to prepare a sumptuous meal. Divine dusk when visitors finished eating and resting, and his boss, asking Sarah told Abraham: “I will return to you by this time next year; then, Sarah your wife shall have a son. ” The promise of a Legitimate Heir to Abraham and Sarah in their old age was not the only reason for that were dropped where Abraham was. There was another more sinister reason: And the men rose up from thence to go to inspect Sodom. And Abraham went with them to see them off, and the Lord said: “Shall I hide from Abraham what I am doing? ‘. The Lord, recalling the services provided by Abraham and promised future, he revealed the true goal of divine journey: verify the accusations against Sodom and Gomorrah. “The protests by Sodom and Gomorrah is great, and are serious charges against them,” and the Lord said he decided to “go down and check; if everything is as protests that have reached me, I will completely destroy the; and I have to otherwise know. ” The subsequent destruction of Sodom and Gomorrah has become one of the biblical episodes that best represented and most widely preached. Orthodox fundamentalists never doubted that the Lord God literally poured fire and brimstone from heaven to wipe off the face of the Earth to these sinful cities, while experts, more sophisticated, have been looking steadfastly a “natural” explanations the biblical story: an earthquake, volcanic eruption or other natural phenomena (admitted) could be interpreted as an act of God, the punishment of sin. But in regard to which biblical story so far is the only source of interpretations-the event was not, of course, a natural calamity. It is described as a premeditated event: the Lord reveals to Abraham beforehand what is about to happen and why. It is a preventable event, not a calamity caused by irreversible natural forces: the calamity will occur only if the “protests” against Sodom and Gomorrah is confirmed. And third (and soon discover), was also a posponible event, an event whose occurrence could be sooner or later, at will. Realizing that the disaster was preventable, Abraham employed a tactic argument wear: “Perhaps there are fifty righteous within the city,” he said to the Lord. “Are you going to destroy the place and not going to forgive fifty Righteous who has inside?”. And quickly, he added: “You can not do such a thing, to slay the righteous with the wicked! You can not! The Judge of All the Earth can not fail to do justice! “. Quite a sermon to his own Deity! And the appeal was to avoid -the deliberate destruction and avoidable destruction, if there were fifty righteous within the city. But as the Lord agreed to spare the city if there were fifty -number those people who may have chosen knowing they would play one substantially fiber, Abraham wondered aloud if the Lord would conduct its destruction if only he lacked five for that number. And when the Lord agreed to spare the city if only we had forty-five Righteous, Abraham continued lowering the number forty, then thirty, twenty, ten. “And the Lord said, ‘Do not destroy it if there were ten’; and he left as stopped talking to Abraham, and Abraham returned to his place. ” At dusk, the two companions of the Lord-the biblical narrative refers to them as Mal’akhim (translated “angels” but means “emissaries”) -llegaron Sodom intended to check the accusations against the city and account for their findings to the Lord. Lot, who was sitting at the gates of the city, instantly recognized (as did Abraham before) the divine nature of the two visitors, perhaps because of their attire or their weapons, perhaps by the way they came (why the air?). Now it was Lot insist on their hospitality, and the two emissaries accepted the invitation to spend the night at his house; but it would be a quiet night, as the news of the arrival of strangers shook the entire city. “But before they lay down, the people of Sodom surrounded the house; young and old, the entire population of each district; and they called to Lot and said, ‘Where are the men who came to you last night? Bring them to know them. ‘” And when Lot refused to please them, the mob tried to force their way into his house; but both Mal’akhim, “Wounded people who were at the entrance of the house blinding, both young and old; and they got tired trying to find the entrance. ” The two emissaries no longer needed for further inquiries, realizing that all the people of the city, only Lot was “fair”. The fate of the city was signed. “And they said to Lot,” Who else do you have here? Take this place to your son, your sons and daughters, and any other relative who have in the city, because we will destroy. ” Lot hastened to bring the news to his sons, but found only with disbelief and laughter. So, at dawn, the emissaries apremiaron Lot to escape without delay, taking with him only his wife and two unmarried daughters. But Lot lingered; so the men grasped his hand as well as his wife and his two daughters -for the mercy of the Lord was upon him and they took them out, and put them out of town. After literally carried on wings at four and leave them out of the city, the emissaries Lot urged him to flee to the mountains: “Escape, for thy life! Do not look back, and you stand anywhere in the plain “were the instructions; ‘Escapes to the mountains, or perish’. But Lot, fearing not arrive in time to the mountains and “being struck by evil and death” made them a proposal: Could delay the destruction of Sodom until he reached the town of Zoar, which was further from Sodom? And, after accepting, one of the envoys urged him to hurry to get there: “Okay, escape there, because I can not do anything until you get to that city.” Thus the calamity was avoidable not only predictable, but also could be postponed; and could destroy several cities on different occasions. No natural disaster could have gathered all these features. The sun rose over the earth when Lot entered into Zoar; and the Lord rained upon Sodom and Gomorrah, from heaven, brimstone and fire from the Lord. And he overthrew those cities and the entire plain, and to all the inhabitants of cities and all vegetation growing soil. Cities, people, vegetation, everything was “razed” by the weapon of the gods. The heat and the fire scorched everything in its path; radiation affected people even in the distance: Lot’s wife, ignoring warnings not stop and look back at his escape from Sodom it became a “pillar of vapor” * The “Evil” Lot feared had. befallen her … * Traditional and literal translation of the Hebrew term Netsiv melah was “pillar of salt” and in the Middle Ages came to write much to explain the process by which a person could be transformed into crystalline salt. However, if, as believe- the mother of Abraham and Lot was the Sumerian language, and the event took place not in a Semitic language, but in Sumerian, we then arises the possibility of a completely different and more plausible explanation about what happened to Lot’s wife. In a study presented at the American Oriental Society in 1918, and the subsequent article Beitrage zur Assyriologie, Paul Haupt conclusively demonstrated that the Sumerian term Nimur meant so much salt as steam, due to the fact that primitive salt marshes of Sumer were close the Persian Gulf. Biblical Hebrew narrator probably misinterpreted the Sumerian term because the Dead Sea is called in Hebrew Sea Salt, and wrote “pillar of salt” when, in fact, Lot’s wife became a “pillar of steam “. In this connection, it should be noted that in the Ugaritic texts, such as the Canaanite story Aqhat (with its many similarities to the story of Abraham), the death of a human being described at the hands of a god like the “escape of his soul as vapor like smoke through the nostrils.” And indeed, in the Epic of Erra, which we believe is the Sumerian record of nuclear destruction, death of persons described hands of God thus: I will fade to people, their souls will be converted into steam. The misfortune of Lot’s wife was to be among those who “turned into steam.” One by one, the cities’ that angered the Lord “were razed, and each time, was allowed to escape to Lot: For when the gods devastated the cities of the plain, the gods remembered Abraham, and sent Lot away from the cities of devastation. And as he was told, Lot was “to live in the mountains … and dwelt in a cave, he and his two daughters with him.” After witnessing the fiery destruction of all life on the plain of Jordan, and the invisible hand of death vaporized his mother, what would they think of Lot and his daughters? They thought, as we are told in the Bible, who had witnessed the end of mankind on Earth, they three were the only survivors of the human race; and hence, the only way to preserve humanity, consisted of incest and daughters conceived children of his own father … “And the firstborn said to the younger, ‘Our father is old, and there is no man on earth who will join us in the manner of all the earth; come, let us make our father drink wine, and then yaceremos with him, so that we may preserve seed of our father’s life ”. And thus, both became pregnant and had children. The night before the Holocaust must have been a sleepless night for Abraham, wondering whether they would find in Sodom Fair enough so that the cities were forgiven, wondering about the fate of Lot and his family. “And Abraham got up early and went to the place where he had stood before the Lord, and looked toward Sodom and Gomorrah, and the region of the plain; and he saw the smoke rising from the earth like a campfire. ” Abraham was witnessing a “Hiroshima” and “Nagasaki” -the destruction of a fertile plain and populated by atomic bombs. The year was 2024. C. Where are the ruins of Sodom and Gomorrah today? Ancient Greek and Roman geographers said the once-fertile valley of the five cities were flooded after the catastrophe. Modern scholars believe the “devastation” of which he speaks in the Bible caused a breach in the southern coast of the Dead Sea, which the waters submerged the lower regions of the south. The remaining portion of what was once the southern coast became a landform that locals called figuratively el-Lissan (“The Tongue”), and the once populated valley of the five cities became the new south Dead Sea (Fig. 102) still leads the local nickname of “Sea of ​​Lot”. Meanwhile in the north, the displacement of water south coastline made recede. The ancient reports have received confirmation in modern times through various investigations, starting with a thorough exploration of the area in the twenties by a scientific mission sponsored by the Pontifical (A. Mallon, Vatican Bible Institute Voyage d’Exploration au sud-est de la Mer Morte). Important archaeologists, such as WF Albright and P. Harland, found that populations of the surrounding mountains of the region suddenly abandoned in the XXI century BC, and was not repopulated until several centuries later. And until today, the waters of the springs around the Dead Sea are contaminated with radioactivity, “Sufficient to cause infertility and other conditions in both animals and humans that soak in for a few years” (IM Blake, “Joshua’s Curse and Elisha’s Miracle” in The Palestine Exploration Quarterly). The cloud of death, rising into the skies of the cities of the plain, not only terrorized Lot and his daughters, but also to Abraham, he did not feel safe or in the mountains of Hebron, about fifty miles away. The Bible tells us to set up camp and moved quite farther west, to reside in Gerar. Moreover, never again would venture into the Sinai. Years later, even when the son of Abraham, Isaac, wanted to go to Egypt because of a famine in Canaan, “Yahweh appeared to him and said, ‘Do not go down to Egypt; live in the land that I will show you. ‘” The passage through the Sinai Peninsula, it seems, still was not sure. But why? We believe that the destruction of the cities of the plain was only a secondary display: at the same time, was also destroyed by nuclear weapons Spaceport in the Sinai peninsula, leaving behind a deadly radiation that persisted for many years. The main focus was on nuclear Sinai Peninsula; and the real victim, ultimately, would be the same Sumer. While Ur so soon arrived, their plight began to loom from the War of Kings, inching like the ringing of a distant drum -a execution-drum, closer, growing in intensity from year to year.’

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